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Do you love salad? Well I do, and I love experimenting with various vegetables and fruits. That's probably why my plate almost always looks like a rainbow! Hi, I'm Marina. Welcome to saladmenu.com, a web site filled with tasty and nutritious salad recipes, plus information about ways to improve your health through what you eat. I am so glad you took the time to stop by and treat yourself to some of my creations.

Starting saladmenu.com was somewhat of a personal journey. I had realized that unhealthy eating would eventually lead to health complications and that one of the most important decisions I could make was to save my body through healthy eating. 

Right after I made this commitment to my health, I tried a variety of diets and exercises with the goal of becoming healthy, achieving clear skin and getting fit after three kids. I joined a gym and then hired a personal trainer who helps ensure that I exercise, and over time, that I achieve my desired fitness goal. update: I no longer trainer with a trainer, after an injury I just exercise on my own.

In addition, I found a nutritionist to help me better understand food and nutrition. The diets I had tried were attempted without really understanding how the foods they recommended affected your health. Many seemed to focus on calories rather than nutrition, and this was not paying off for me. After a few visits to the nutritionist, I decided that I wanted to know more about nutrition so that I could help others to live a healthy life. I completed my studies as a certified nutrition expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and love to share what I've learned about nutrition and healthy living on this site. 

The idea of helping others and myself whip up and enjoy simple, quick and healthy salad, soup or meal at a moment’s notice prompted me to start saladmenu.com. I came to understand that when cravings come knocking, and you’re tempted to snack on less healthy food, knowing how to quickly prepare a filling and nutritious salad can help keep those cravings at bay. 

Visit my salad recipes page and get treated to a variety of salad recipes, along with an ingredients list and step-by-step instructions to prepare each recipe. The pictures you see in the recipes are of the recipes I developed — I usually capture the images before indulging in my edible creation. (Please ask before using any images)


In addition to the salad recipes, follow my blog to learn about me and my life adventures with family, healthier living, my travels, and more. I hope this information can help you in some way, especially if like me, you are on a quest to achieving a healthy life.

In addition to blogging, I also own a nonprofit organization, Friendlyheart.org where we provide financial assistance, medical care, shelter & other resources to the poor and sick around the world to improve their health and quality of life. If you know anyone in need, reach out to me.

Want to share your experience? Comment or email me at admin@saladmenu.com.

Thanks again for your interest in SaladMenu.com!


Marina (Blogger, self taught Chef, Wife, Mother of Three Energetic Boys, Resident of Washington State, and Voracious Reader of Good Books)