Welcome to SaladMenu.com  

Do you love salad? Well, I do, and I love experimenting with various vegetables and fruits and usually my plate almost always looks like a rainbow! Feel welcomed to SaladMenu.com, and I am so glad you spared the time to stop by and treat yourself to some of my recipes.

My journey to starting saladmenu.com started when I made a solid decision to be healthy and also achieve a sustainable lifestyle. There comes a time when you establish the fact that unhealthy eating is just going to bring you complications, which is why saving your body through eating healthy is paramount. Soon as I started focusing on becoming healthier, I went on to try a variety of diets and exercises for the purposes of becoming healthy, achieve clear skin and get fit. Since I set on achieving a specific goal, I decided to join a gym and hire a personal trainer. My personal trainer plays a big role in ensuring that I am fit and with time, I can achieve my desired goal. 

In addition to a personal trainer, I found a nutritionist for the purpose of helping me understand food. Since after trying a variety of diets without understanding the concept surrounding food, in regards to calories was not paying off for me. My nutritionist enables me fully  to understand the importance of incorporating vegetables in my everyday life.

I proceeded to start saladmenu.com not only to enjoy salads for myself, but also to help others whip up simple, quick and healthy salads at a moment’s notice. I came to understand that knowing how to prepare healthy salads quickly is important because there are times cravings come knocking, and the temptation to snack on sweets is high. Knowing how to prepare salads that are not only filling but nutritious is important because once you are full, the cravings will be kept at bay.

On my salad page, you will be treated to a variety of salads together with an ingredients list and step by step instructions on the method of preparation. The pictures you see in the recipes are of the salads I have prepared, and I usually capture the images before indulging. In addition to the salad recipes, following my blog allows you to learn about me and my life's adventures with family, healthier living, working with a personal trainer, nutritionist and everything in between. The information can maybe help you in one way or the other especially if you are on a quest to achieving a healthy life.

Apart from all that, I have a husband, and we have been married for over nine years now. Together, we have three energized boys, and it was not until recently that we moved from Canada to Washington State where I grew up. I love reading good books especially those that pull you in from the first page and also enjoy reading biographies.

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