Salad Menu - Consulting a Nutritionist... is it worth it?

 Is a nutritionist worth it? 

At one of my training session at the gym, my personal trainer asked me what I had eaten for breakfast. I shyly replied green tea and a crêpe, he gave me a crazy look and asked if crepes had protein. I knew I needed to change my diet. Even though I buy all organic ingredients, don't drive through the fast food lane, don't have coffee, I didn't see a change in my skin issue and weight. Paying for a personal trainer each month was not worth it if I wasn't going to eat well. So what is eating well? I wanted to find out from a specialist. I found Joy, a nutritionist with 20+ year's experience. She charged me $195 for the first appointment, which lasted exactly two hours, and from the comfort of my home. 

So what happens at the first appointment? 

A week before my appointment she asked me to fill out a questionnaire she had emailed me; my answers to these questions would give her a better understanding of my current health and health goals. In addition to the questions, I had to keep a food log of what I ate each day.  The food log would help perceive what I was eating right, as well as wrong, or why I might be feeling sleepy at two in the afternoon. 

Joy gave me a shopping list. From this list, I had to cross out anything I wasn't willing to eat, or foods I don't like. The list is pretty long and didn't make it too hard to create a meal plan; which she helped me with. You should have breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner everyday at the same time. 

Also, she gave me a good understanding of portion control, shared facts about foods , and how to choose the right ingredients; even if they are the "good foods".  

Joy also went through my pantry and refrigerator, sh took out anything I shouldn't be eating, and explained why. 


In conclusion, is consulting a nutritionist worth it? 

If you have no internet, no self-motivation or just don't know where to start then yes, you should get a nutritionist. A nutritionist is also a great option for people who have a current health issue (digestion, acne, weight, etc.), and tired of diets. 

All that said, if you don't have the money for a nutritionist there are websites that give you good information on foods, weight loss, illnesses or any other health concerns you may have. One free site that I came across was; it provides a great program that counts your calories, has simple recipes, and free workout videos. 

A few key points from the nutritionist:

  • What has become clearly apparent is that your diet has everything to do with your health and mood. 
  • Eight glasses a day of fluids is important.
  • Read ALL labels before you purchase ingredients.
  • Eat at the same time every day. 
  • When the sun goes down, stop eating. 
  • Stay positive!